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Sports betting in Australia

Betting and gambling in Australia is Big business. Betting and gambling are completely legal in Australia, unlike many other countries of the world. This encourages the setting up of several betting agencies and betting centers in Australia with more of them mainly in the eastern states of Australia like NSW and Victoria.

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Sports like Cricket, Olympics, Games, football, rugby, baseball, golf tournaments and racing are some of the top sports and events which invite racing enthusiasts to play for numerous kinds of bets and odds. There is no limit to the number of bets which you can place and the money you can bet on at most places or online betting websites.

Betting at sports and gaming Clubs

Gaming rooms are found in many places like RSL CLUBS with hundreds of gaming machines to try your luck. For table or casino style games, the options are many, which include – three-card Poker, Rapid Roulette, Caribbean Stud, and the Big Wheel. These gaming rooms and mini clubs offer special facilities and discounts for their members, thus encouraging players to become permanent members of the gambling world.

When it comes to betting in Australia, there’s nothing better than Australian horse racing. You can bet legally in Australia with the help of the licensed state TABS (Totaliser Agency Boards), which is done right at the racetrack or then through many online betting agencies like Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, betfair & Betstar and many more.

Top Australian (bookmakers)  you could choose from for signing up  this betting season

I would suggest researching that your online betting provider has enough sports events covered apart from the Melbourne cup for you to use it for future sport and event betting.

Top sports like cricket , footy , soccer and international sporting events and tournaments  are usually covered by top bookmakers

Our recommended Punters

Betstar and Ladbrokes.

Betstar established in 2007, is an Australian Corporate Bookmaking firm that are based and established within Melbourne and Darwin. Betstar employ 40+ staff split between the Melbourne & Darwin offices is managed from Australia, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, by a team of local sports betting experts & enthusiasts.

We have had good experience with the ladbrokes guys and betstar.  So if you want to give this a go, grab their current offer which won’t last long obviously.


Ladbrokes is a world leader in the betting and gaming industry with over 2700 betting outlets in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Spain and a growing presence in Australian now.


Bookmakers  with offers 2016 :



Luxbet –



Sportsbet –


william hill

William Hill –

bet 365

Bet365 –


Betfair –

Different types of betting available on most betting providers: